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Working Title film about worldwide organised crime

McMafia.jpgWorking Title, the company most known for their British romantic comedy films but more lately Hollywood thrillers and drama, has bought the rights to a non-fiction book called McMafia (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), a book by Mischa Glenny which looks at organised crime around the world.

Now let's just do a recap there, it's a non-fiction book, so it's factual, and it's looking at organised crime gangs from Eastern Europe to America, who they are and what they do. Somewhere in that they see a film.

The book sounds like it's a bit of an epic, as Mischa Glenny looks at the different organised groups from across the globe and the businesses they operate in everything from untaxed cigarettes to drug smuggling, human trafficking and even the sale of nuclear material.

The book seems to suggest is that these groups are not so disconnected as one might think, and that they are more connected than you would believe, and not just to each other, but also upwards into the more acceptable side of world trade.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story, and it does make me wonder how on earth they plan to make a film out of all this. Perhaps it's going to be a documentary, or a fictional film that has some group leading the world's crime gangs, a group that could be itself illegal, or perhaps even one fronted by leaders of our free world industry.

Right now we don't know, it could be anything. However I might like to see it become a documentary, or a fictional story of a man researching the novel for the film, getting involved in these gangs, and understanding what they are really about.

How would you like to see the story go? Fact or fiction?



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