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X-Men: First Class to start new franchise

LaurenDonner_Jackman.jpgIt's announced, X-Men: First Class is to start the new X-Men franchise. We'll be seeing no more of the X-Men characters as they were with the first three films, and perhaps after the two X-Men Origins films of Wolverine and Magneto they'll be restricted to walk on parts, because if the X-Men franchise producer has her way the new franchise starts here.

However the characters themselves won't stop appearing and it would seem that there's a desire to keep them all there, Beast, Jean Grey, Cyclops, etc. Just younger.

Lauren Shuler Donner has been talking about the plans for the franchise on the day that I am off to see Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan in theatre together, and revealed that X-Men: First Class is going ahead and if the plan works out it will start a new X-Men franchise, perhaps even with films following the individual characters.

Speaking over at Comics Contimuum through Coming Soon she said:

“It is the first class of Xavier's school, way back when, so it's young Scott, young Jean, young Beast and that'll be really fun...I think (the plan) is to follow some of the characters into their own stories, and weave them back into the X-Men world...and hopefully 'First Class' will become its own franchise and we can follow them as they grow up.”

So that's the plan for the X-Men franchise then, there will be no direct fourth X-Men film it would seem, and instead we're off to follow a few of those characters origin stories, and the teen version of X-Men as they grow up.

While I don't really take to the teen version of X-Men that well, I wonder what they are going to do when they continue the franchise and age the characters upwards? Beast will be fine because there is make-up galore, but other characters will have to be recast. Mind you by then we won't remember the originals will we, and there's the possibility that the franchise might not make it.

What do you think about X-Men: First Class, is this a film you'd want to see? Would you also want to follow the teen X-Men as they grow up?



Hmm....teen X-men? That doesn't sound very interesting to me. How much of a story would there really be to tell aside of them all learning to use their powers and interact with each other. Also that means it wouldn't feature Wolverine and it would be a shame to have the whole of the x-men recast younger as I like the original movies so much. Maybe it'll end up like High school musical with them all bursting into song?

They could easily do more origins films or focus on other characters rather than just going back to the school. It just seems like a easy fix to creating more xmen films without having to think about it.

waaaay too soon. i'm not one to routinely throw water on something that would simply be good dumb fun. but think about it. We aren't even 5 years off of X3 yet. Kelsey Grammar IS the beast. Wolverine IS the center of the team. Magneto IS the villain.

not only that, but the 3 films accomplished so much and laid down the foundations so well, that a new franchise simply wouldn't feel right to anyone who fell in love with the original movies.

I'm all in favor of a new franchise or what have you...but howabout distancing it from the old one in some way? How about a story about new mutants who are brought to the school and "rescued" by the x men we know already? They get walk on parts, we get whole new stories. "Hey, there Hugh Jackman. i see you there as wolverine, it's great, now you're gone and we can focus on the adventures of Siryn, Tusk and Cannonball" or something like that.

Or they could use the old characters but CGI the whole thing...and make it an animated movie that could literally do ANYTHING special effects wise...

my point is, i don't think it's ready for a reboot and maybe shouldnt' be done until this generation of young adults are wearing suspenders and couldn't care less.

Well said Mogulus, seriously I don't know what else to add to that comment. They should walk away from these character, although the individual Origins stories could work well for a few of the leads, the ensemble X-Men franchise should look to new characters, and there are tons of them.

I wrote a long comment here and it said it was going for approval but it hasn't appeared :( It was after I got the CAPTCHA wrong and it asked me to try again.

It was mainly about how it seems like a lazy idea just to go back to the school when they were teenagers and how they should focus on other mutants stories that we haven't met yet. I totally agree with mogulus that it wouldn't feel right to people who are fans of the original movies. Especially as we already know what happens to the characters do we really need to see them as teenagers running around the school?

The origins movies are important for characters that have a more indepth backstory but I couldn't really care less about scott trying to get it on with jean behind the bike sheds.

Sorry about that Michelle. Your comment has been published at the top.

I reckon they'd be better waiting to see how Wolverine goes down. I don't think it will work as well with a bunch of teen X-Men. I'd rather they went forward with new stories and characters.

Can't they try making a better follow up film after The Last Stand?

Michelle, it was the word "teen" that marked your comment for moderation. Pre-Captcha that was an easy word to filter out the sex spam comments, now with the Captcha it's hardly needed so I've taken it out.

My fault, sorry, the comment would have been highlighted as unpublished when I read it via the back end system and I've obviously just missed it.

Feel free to drop a reminder like that directly or on the comments if it ever happens again. That goes for all.

No worries! Will do :)


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