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Updated: X-Men Origins: Wolverine television adverts online

Wolverine.jpgThere are a few clips for X-Men Origins: Wolverine online and they are looking good. There's some new footage to be seen, particularly some big set pieces and plenty of action from the crew, however something is very clear from this film, this is an X-Men ensemble prequel more than just a film about Wolverine.

You can see the three clips right here and tell us what you think. Of course it's looking like a good action film, but it's definitely an X-Men film.

This first clip, called Taken, is the Wolverine advert that's for sure, although a few of the other X-Men are in there, it's really setting up the relationship between him and his brother Sabretooth, and that's done pretty well.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Taken

The second clip, Welcome to the War, has much more of the other X-Men characters and less of Wolverine. It's great to see some of them in action as well as some great effects.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Welcome to the War

The third clip is called That's Cool and it's almost entirely the other X-Men, and it's probably the best out of the three, especially with the nice comment to Gambit.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - That's Cool

X-Men 4: The Prequel looks pretty good.

Update: There are three new clips online, and while one looks just the same as the rest, there are some little snippets to be grabbed from amongst the rest. Here they are.

First up is Go to Work:

Then there's From Here:

Finally we have Choice, and this is the best for me so far:



Are we still pretending that we all haven't already seen this film? That was so 2 weeks ago.

I genuinely haven't watched it. I don't see why you would want to see a print of the film without special effects finalised and missing scenes and music. Personally I don't get it.

I watched it because I was geniunely interested in seeing it as its not often you get to see a movie without the special effects finished. Being able to see later how skillfully cgi and human actors are combined is pretty cool. I'll still be going to see it at the cinema because I love the xmen series and I liked the film. Also knowing there are extra scenes and effects I don't feel like I have totally spoiled the movie for myself, though some may disagree.


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