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Closed: 12 Rounds Competition: Win film merchandise

12Rounds.jpgFor the release of the new action film from Renny Harlin, I've been given a few goodie bags to give away, five of them to be precise, and they're as simple as can be to win, just read on for how to get your hands on the merchandise.

12 Rounds is released on the 27th of May and from the director of Die Hard 2 and Speed, you know that you're in for an action packed ride, but before you get there, why not win some exclusive film merchandise.

John Cena is the star of Renny Harlin's 12 Rounds and he plays a New Orleans Police Detective who stops a thief from getting away with a multi-million dollar heist. However in the process the thief's girlfriend is killed and the criminal is hell bent on revenge.

However this is no normal revenge, he's setting the policeman some near impossible tasks, puzzles that get harder and harder, comprising of twelve rounds. If he can solve all twelve his fiancée will survive.

12Rounds-Prizes.jpgNow if you want to win some goodies for 12 Rounds, which sees a release on the 27th of May, then you have to answer the simple question below and make sure that you have a UK postal address to receive the prizes which are shown right here, a T-Shirt, dog tags and a cap.

To enter, it's simple, just follow these easy steps:

  • Select the following link which will create a new email
  • Leave all the pre-populated details in the email
  • Add in the answer to the following question
  • Add in your UK postal address
  • Send the email!

Please note that I'm trying out a new way of entering competitions so it's imperative that you leave all the information in the email as it is created. These codes, etc. are to help me track the entries and also to make sure genuine Filmstalker readers are getting the chance to win the prizes.

Here's the question:

Name any film, other than 12 Rounds, that Renny Harlin has directed

Now that is easy, and if you can't find it a quick search on Filmstalker try anywhere on the internet. Really, it's easy.

Competition Closed

Remember UK postal addresses only, the competition will close on the 4th of June 2009, and the winners of the five sets of film merchandise will be randomly selected from the correct answers.

Get entering!



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