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'77 trailer online

77.jpg'77 is the new title of a film that's been in gestation for years, previously known as 5-25-77, it tells the story of Patrick Read Johnson, the writer and director, and the influence on his life that the arrival of Star Wars had.

Before you make any judgements on the film, good or bad, I recommend you watch this trailer. It's a superb trailer that promises to be full of genuine laughs and some heartfelt moments.

It's hard to believe that a preview of this film was shown on the thirtieth anniversary of the première Star Wars, that was on the 25th of May 2007, so where has it been?

Well it's been in post-production and in oblivion for one hell of a long time as the actual première of the film was in October last year with the title changed from 5-25-77 to the new '77, but apparently there is still no distribution deal.

While Hollywood can churn out franchise extension after sequel, after reboot, after prequel just to turn over an easy buck, new ideas and heartfelt projects like this sit without a deal or a home. It's saddening.

However perhaps hope is around the corner, perhaps growing desire for this film will finally see it released, even if it is on DVD, and it'll finally get an audience, and hopefully the audience it deserves.

Just updated the trailer for a bigger version.



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