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A Christmas Carol footage online

AChristmasCarol.jpgThe first footage for the new version of A Christmas Carol has arrived online, and although it's a mere nineteen seconds worth, it's enough to show you the look and feel of the animation.

Yes, for all those who forgot, this version is a Robert Zemeckis motion capture special starring Jim Carrey, Bob Hoskins and Gary Oldman, to name but three of the big names involved in the project.

Although motion capture so often fails to ring my bells, I have to say that this time it's looking pretty good, and the creepiness factor fits well since it isn't all about being a nice kiddies film.

It's short and sweet, and I think it looks pretty good (I'm not going to say neat for the rhyme!), what do you think? Here's the quick peek at the classic A Christmas Carol with a Robert Zemeckis motion capture take.



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