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A Perfect Getaway trailer online

APerfectGetaway.jpgDavid Twohy has delivered the trailer for his latest film A Perfect Getaway online, and while the action looks good and stylised, and the set-up well done in the trailer, you can see the path that the film is going to take and one of the possible twists.

However saying that I could be wrong, and there could be much more, this could be a double bluff. The trailer is right here for you to decide, and there aren't any spoilers in it...I think.

A Perfect Getaway stars Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich, Timothy Olyphant, Kiele Sanchez, and Chris Hemsworth as three couples who are trekking on a beautiful and lonely part of Hawaii. However it's not long before they discover that there's something not that right about their fellow travel mates, and when a helicopter arrives with a cop asking questions about the bodies of a murdered couple on the beach, everyone starts to get jumpy.

You can see the trailer right here, again once Quiet Earth had alerted me to it, I caught it on my video provider.

It does look pretty strong, but here are my two immediate thoughts, and please feel free to turn off now in case you think this might be a little too far into spoiler territory.

First up we see that the innocent couple played by Zahn and Jovovich have a little strength of their own and there's the feeling that maybe the other two couples use this hiking deal to hunt down other couples for sport.

Okay, then there's a possible twist that popped into my head from some of the final quick glimpses of footage. The helicopter cop comes back and sees the Zahn-Jovovich couple attacking the other two and thinks that they are the bad guys doing the killing, typical Hitcher type turnaround.

However here's another one, perhaps the Zahn-Jovovich couple are in fact the ones doing the hunting?

All speculation and that's just what poured out of my head after seeing the trailer, but all possible. What do you think?



I agree, it looks good. But I had many of the same thoughts as you about the possible twists and turns. Probably won't matter, though. Looks like one of those mid-level movies that you can watch over and over again without getting bored with it.


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