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Abel Ferrara's Jekyll with Whitaker

ForestWhitaker.jpgAbel Ferrara is set to make a version of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that might rival the other two that are in production, and not only because of the fact that Ferrara is directing, but that the two lead roles are going to be played by Forest Whitaker and Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent.

Now put to the side that this modernisation is presenting the characters as black and presumably American, and take to the fore the idea of Whitaker and Jackson playing Jekyll and Hyde.

Forest Whitaker playing the scientist that develops the potion that turns him into the violent creature that is Hyde, played by Curtis Jackson. That somehow really does make me think that they've done the casting really well.

Whitaker is a great choice for the scientist and can play a character so many ways it's hard to know how Abel Ferrara will make the character be on screen in his Jekyll and Hyde, but what is interesting is thinking about the two actors of Whitaker and Jackson and how they fit together. The powerful look of Jackson from the older, more worn look of Whitaker itself is an interesting fit.

I'm thinking that this could be an interesting reworking of the idea, and although I'm really keen to see the Guillermo del Toro version, and the version starring Keanu Reeves is mow looking less appealing, it's the Variety announcement of Abel Ferrara's film that has me hooked the most.

Ferrara is the factor in this mix that could throw it either way though, either to greatness or to the bottom of the Jekyll and Hyde pile.



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