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Alien remake director confirmed

Alien.jpgYes that story has been confirmed, first that there is a new Alien film in the franchise, and secondly that Carl Rinsch is the man behind the remake.

Oh, and there's another bit of information, it's not remake, it's a prequel, and that comes from the mouth of Tony Scott himself, one of the producers on the film.

In a press junket for The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Tony Scott was asked directly about the Alien film and he was more than happy to reveal the truth. It's on.

"Yes, Carl Rinsch is going to do the prequel to Alien. He's one of our directors at our company."

Is the quote that Collider managed to get from the man which I discovered through AITH. Well done them. Collider were then more than intelligent enough to question him about the Fox backing, considering what they've been doing to the Alien vs. Predator films, was he a little worried about what was happening for the next in the Alien franchise?

Apparently not. Sure they're financing the Scott company, but he seems more than excited about this new film and they have creative control.

"I'm excited cause Ridley created the original and Carl Rinsch is one of the family."

Please also take care to notice something that he said in the first quote, it's a prequel to the 1979 (What? That long ago?!) Alien film.

Now although he's not said more than that, I'm sure that can't mean that it's another single Alien running through the corridors of a spaceship killing the crew as it goes, if you remember the crew came across the creature in an Alien spaceship which had been overrun by Aliens.

That raises a couple of questions. If they are tackling that pre-Alien era, are they considering making a film about an alien spaceship filled with those big huge aliens - one of which we saw sitting in that chair with a burst chest in Alien - being overrun by Aliens and then crash landing on the planet where our crew encounter the rows and rows of eggs lying in wait?

I don't think that's going to be the story at all, and when we say prequel I really do believe that it'll be prequel only in historical timing. We're going to see a human crew that means it won't be the direct prequel to Alien but it'll be humans first encounter with them perhaps.

What do you think?



I watched Alien again last night and it just brought back what a good film it was. I'm glad that they're not going to be remaking the original as as Alien is such a complete and superb film.

My first thought was the same as yours in that they would feature the dead huge aliens that we saw in the beginning. I guess it would depend on the budget they have for it as its far easier to have humans running away from the Aliens than to create the huge Alien creatures we saw in the first film.

I would personally like to know more about the origins of the Alien species and how they came to be on that planet in the first place. Obviously it's hard for the species to survive without host human/aliens so did they just end up there through the dead Alien spaceship or have they always been there waiting for people to stumble across them. Do they even have a home planet?

Its almost certain that the prequel won't even think about any of this and will just have some humans running around trying to escape from the Aliens and then have a reference to the 1979 film in there somewhere at the end. Hopefully they'll involve The Company and possibly explain how they came to know about the Aliens in the first place.


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