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Alien remake finds director?

Alien.jpgFile this under strong rumour for the moment, but it seems that a director may have been found to tackle the restart of the Alien franchise in whatever form that might take, remake, sequel, restart, whatever.

Although there hasn't been anything concrete, and we've heard Sigourney Weaver talking about the franchise time and time again, of late the comments and rumours have been increasing, and the co-chairman of Fox has even revealed there's been talk of another film. All this lends weight to the idea of another Alien film.

Now there's word that Fox have an idea on what they want to do, and it's not only worrying, it's downright disheartening for the franchise and promises to reach new lows in comparison to the Alien vs Predator films.

The rumour, and remember it is just that, is that Fox is looking to remake Alien, or rather the unnamed pesky source reveals that they are looking at creating the origin story of Alien.

To me that sounds like no Sigourney Weaver and we'd be looking at how the Aliens came onto the planet where they are discovered in the film Alien, or perhaps even further back, how the Alien creatures came about in the first place, spreading from any home world they might have inhabited.

What's great news though is that they aren't going for the "bigger" and "more" multipliers that Hollywood are adding to every film, indeed they are looking at one creature, one ship, once more.

Now looking at the original stories, this idea seems to grate a little with the concept of an origins story and not a remake – one creature on a ship killing the crew again? Well surely that's a remake? What's the origin story of that, unless the origin is that it's all a repeating cycle.

Personally I just don't get it, not one bit, but the source of Bloody Disgusting's through Cinema Blend apparently believes a director is already on board.

Before I leap into who that is though, let's just take a look at who's rumoured to be lined up as producers - Ridley Scott and Tony Scott. Now that is surprising.

What that might suggest is that there's a little more weight to this idea, if it isn't complete fabrication, and that perhaps we could be seeing something above the norm.

Of course, and again bearing in mind that this is a rumour, if it is true placing the Scott brothers in production roles doesn't mean anything other than they are receiving a credit in order to be handed a paycheck, perhaps just to acknowledge their work on the previous films, maybe they have some tie in deal even, who knows.

However producers range from a credit with cash, to hands on, so it could be anywhere in that range, and it's where that job specification falls that means what they're going to be doing and how good the film could turn out.

Now though, the rumour continues with who is directing. Carl Rinsch.

Who I heard your fingers clatter across the keyboard? Well he's a commercials director and his work is rather good. /Film have gathered together a heap of YouTube clips of his work, and I've grabbed three of them to give you an idea, personally I love the first one the most and wonder if he'd have been a better director for Transformers than Michael Bay – at least he's showing everything on screen!

So that's the man who could be, if it's all true, handling the new restart for Alien, the so called prequel or origins tale which sounds suspiciously like a remake to me.

I say leave well enough alone. Either create a sequel for the franchise with the Aliens on Earth, as in the comic series, or go right back and let's see what happened on that Alien planet. Anything else is inevitably going to be viewed as a remake, and a poor one at that.



It CAN'T possibly be any worse than the last AvP film.

Can't it?


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