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America's biggest serial killer on film

BelleGuinness.jpgAmerica's biggest, or if you prefer the term most prolific, serial killer is to be immortalised in film, and while the idea of a the biggest recorded serial killer in American history might sound promising as a film and could go a number of ways, the treatment sounds a little too romanticised.

Guinness was a woman who allegedly killed two husbands, dozens of men who she wrote letters too, enticed to her farm, and murdered, and several stepchildren, and her killings began in 1900.

Belle Guinness is said to be the most prolific American serial killer, and indeed the most prolific female serial killer ever, and now producer Ed Bass is going to be making his directorial début bringing her story to the big screen, although his take on it sounds a little too romanticised.

While he says through The Hollywood Reporter:

“It's classic theme: a woman looking for love and never quite finding it...and when she finally does find love, it eludes her.”

While I always love a good serial killer film I do have to wonder what he's thinking about. When I read the story of Belle Guinness over at Wikipedia I was rather surprised that there could be a love story seen in the middle of it, especially as it seems that she killed for money.

Sure she was described as the Lonely Hearts Killer and she enticed men to their death by romantic involvement, but it seems that this was never the real reason and that it was more about the money.

This actually marks the second film on the woman, the first being Method which loosely connects with the original story when an actress, played by Elizabeth Hurley, gets too deeply into the character of Guinness during filming of her life story and begins to take on aspects of her character.

What makes the real story more interesting is that her death was never proven. In 1908 a fire consumed her house and her children and the body of a headless woman were found in the remains of the fire. Her handyman around the farm, Ray Lamphere, escaped alive and was believed to have started the fires and killed them, however there was no proof that the body was in fact hers, and even Lamphere allegedly claimed before his death that she was still alive.

DNA testing in 2007 and 2008 seems to have shown more inconsistencies and there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the events.

Now if this is handled factually it could be a strong thriller, however if she's really going to be portrayed as a woman looking for love and never finding it, putting sympathies on her, I will be rather disappointed.



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