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Angel Heart remake still on

AngelHeart.jpgThere's next to no news about this other than the notification as an aside on another story, but it confirms a rumour from way back in 2008 hidden away in a Stalked article that Angel Heart was being remade.

It's all down to Producer Mike De Luca who was originally announced as remaking the film Angel Heart by Alan Parker which starred Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet and Charlotte Rampling.

In the previous story I wrote about the Fright Night remake that's happening at DreamWorks, and that's happening with Michael De Luca behind it. In one of the sentences, hidden at the end, The Hollywood Reporter, speaking about how the Fright Night remake came to the DreamWorks studio, it says:

"[Alison] Rosenzweig, who also is setting up remakes of The Reincarnation of Peter Proud and Angel Heart with De Luca, brought the project to him."

Wow. So the Angel Heart film is still on the go, and does that mean that DreamWorks is running with it? There's no real idea at the moment, and official information is very sparse, but a remake of such a classic?

Hollywood is going crazy just now, plundering superbly made films that executives seem to think will make great new films, either because the audiences have forgotten the original and they can make a film that leaps into development with a ready made script and a storyboard that is so good it was filmed, or because they genuinely believe they can make a great film better with CGI and other modern film-making tools, or perhaps it's for the very fact that the audience demographic they can hit just don't want to see overly complex films?

Is this really the answer? Do we need to see more remakes of classic films such as Angel Heart? Will remaking this mysterious and excellent film actually result in an even better film? Will explaining it more make it a better film?



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