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Angels & Demons made religion friendly?

AngelsandDemons.jpgI was just reading a quick review of Angels & Demons, the upcoming sequel to The Da Vinci Code, and caught a couple of paragraphs about the film's contentious issues with the Vatican and their religion.

The first shows that the film has actually changed a lot of tact from the novel and tried to be much friendlier to religion than the previous film, the second shows a very intolerant church who are quick to damn without evidence.

The review over at The Guardian is none too negative, in fact I think it's not too bad. I am somewhat disappointed as I felt Angels & Demons was by far the better book between the two and I had hoped it would be the better film too, however that might not be the case.

However it seems that the controversy surrounding the film is not over as the Vatican are still less than pleased with it, and they apparently haven't even read the script never mind seen the film.

Speaking on behalf of the Vatican a spokesperson tried to justify why Angels & Demons has been banned from filming in and around their premises and grounds.

“...normally we read the script, but this time it was not necessary. The name Dan Brown was enough”

However the reviewer tells us that the film is far from that bad, and even tries to be much more religion friendly from the first and from the novel on which it is based.

“The film's argument seems to be that while there are a few bad apples in the Catholic church, the institution itself is well worth fighting for, and that science is hardly any better – particularly when it produces things that might blow up and kill people.”

I wonder if they've deliberately done this to try and not offend the religious groups as much as they did with The Da Vinci Code (Filmstalker review)? However they seem not to be listening, not t care, just dismissing the film based on the author of the novel on which it, and it's predecessor, was based. Oh well, that's tolerance and acceptance for you.

In the meantime the review is quite sarcastic about the film, and it seems with good cause:

“Happily the Illuminati have also posted a video that both outlines their plans in considerable detail and provides a number of clues for Langdon to pick over. That's good, because without these clues we would have no plot, and no excuse for our hero to go puffing laboriously from one church to another, racing the clock to find those cardinals and defuse that bomb; talking, talking all the while.”

Oh dear. It doesn't sound that good does it? To be fair though, we know people will go and see it, and we know it might just be as successful as the first.

What will be interesting is what Dan Brown writes for Langon's next outing, and with everyone so keen to film the third, will his novel too go friendlier on religion and the Vatican?



I really must watch The Da Vinci Code.


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