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Aniston on Friends reunion

JenniferAniston.jpgRumours of a Friends film first appeared in July last year. But the usual anonymous source was rebuked by representatives who said it wasn't going to happen.

Now Jennifer Aniston has been asked about the possibility of a film version. And it sounds like they had better get a move on, if it's to have any chance.

In Summer last year it sounded like a Friends film might not be far away. The success of the Sex and the City film being the main reason it came up. Pretty much instantly though Warner Bros. and representatives of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry said it wasn't on the cards.

The idea has never really done away though, and with the sequel to Sex and the City confirmed it's come back around. When Jennifer Aniston was asked recently about the chances of a film version, she had this to say to MTV, through Screen Rush:

I don't think so, and if they do, they should hurry up...Well, it's been off the air, but you also don't want it to be that reunion show or movie like when the 'Brady Bunch' had a reunion and they were old.

Perhaps thankfully, I have never witnessed the Brady Bunch reunion. I do think she makes a good point though. If they are ever going to do a Friends film, they should do it sooner rather than later. It's five years since the series ended, surely enough time. Although endless repeats and the Joey spin off haven't made it seem especially long. And it's not like any of the cast have gone onto huge success that they don't want to risk by returning to Friends.

What do you think, should there be a Friends film? Or are they in danger of leaving it so long, that it's too late?



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