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Attention Filmstalkers: Regulars required for beta and NO site downtime

FilmstalkerTitle.jpgHello Filmstalker readers, I'm looking for the regulars to join in with a new Filmstalker feature in order to trail it. If the feature works out then it will be extended to all and hopefully it will add an extra dimension to the site.

You regulars know who you are, so get in touch through any channel you like, it'll be fun!

Also, due to Server hardware upgrades behind the scenes, Filmstalker will be down for a short stint on Sunday. strike that, oh I just did, the server isn't going down! Woohoo!

So regulars, and you know who you are, most of you responded to the survey, if you fancy joining in with a fun new feature which won't require anything more than an hour or so of fun a month and all online, then get in touch.

Any way you like, Twitter, any of the IM accounts, email, comments, whatever. I just need your email address so I can let you know the details and arrange the first bit of fun!

Correction, there's going to be no downtime at all! Woohoo! Saved.



i'm up for it, man.

i don't want to post my email in the comment though...can you get in touch with me from the one i'm using to post this comment? it's my new main account. i don't check my previous ones much anymore.

cant wait!

Sure can. Got you down as the first!

Hi, You can count me in if you wish!

Is this new feature what you asked me about yesterday Richard? If so then of course Im in. My email address is my MSN one and one I use for commenting.

Thanks Firebug, it certainly is that!

Hey Mark, don't think we've talked before. Be happy to include you.

Count me in Richard! You can use this email address.

Hi Richard

Count me in

Hi Richard,
Been around for a while, posted in the features segments a bit but been coming to the site for about 12 months or so.


Please count me in if i'm not too late! :)


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