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Avary's Driver script leaked?

Driver_Game.jpgCould this be Roger Avary's actual script for his stab at the Driver videogame adaptation? Well I'm not sure and it reads pretty poorly to be honest, it's not really grabbing me in the first few scenes and I'm left wondering is that all we get of Driver in the first four pages, and more to the point, isn't it all a bit over explained?

Who knows, after all if it's real there are tons more pages to come and these are only the opening shots. It could be a stab at making the Driver adaptation, or it could be something someone has cobbled together. You be the judge.

The Driver script has been leaked online, well four pages of it at least, and while I'm not going to chance the wrath of the studio by re-printing them up here, I will direct you to someone who has printed them over on GiantBomb.

Reading it I do hope for Roger Avary 's sake that this isn't the script, because it doesn't do anything for me within the first four pages, although I'm sure the Hollywood labelled videogame audience would be caught up in it enough with the action and fast car racing. However these four pages just don't get into the Driver enough, maybe that was something to come.

Of course we have no idea where the Driver film is at the moment, and last we really heard was that Avary was writing the script, and that didn't really give us much more.

The story is pretty much as is, a test driver, the best in the business, spends his spare time being a getaway driver, not that much of a plot really.

I suspect we've not heard too much because, judging from these first four pages, the script isn't up to scratch. What do you think? Could you do a better opening four pages, then have a crack and let us see!



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