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Banderas to star in Big Bang

AntonioBanderas.jpgAntonio Banderas is set to lead The Big Bang, a film with a hugely intriguing plot write up from the director Tony Krantz, most known for his production work, and writer Erik Jendersen, previously Band of Brothers.

The plot sounds a bizarre mix of concepts, but Jendersen wrote three episodes of Band of Brothers and has various projects in the works with Krantz, so there's perhaps something there.

I'm not so excited about the casting of Antonio Banderas as I am the plot outline for The Big Bang which goes like:

“Banderas stars as an L.A. private detective who's hired to find a missing stripper. The trail leads to the New Mexico desert, where the private eye finds a trail of bodies and contends with a brutal Russian boxer, three LAPD detectives and an aging billionaire looking to perfect the nuclear physics equivalent of the Big Bang.”

That's the story according to Variety, and I have to say it reads like an incredible mish-mash of ideas, and yet it does sound rather interesting, I'm getting a Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Filmstalker review) feel from the story, and that would be something that would suit Banderas.

Erik Jendersen is also co-writing a television series with Christopher McQuarrie that is based on the Francis Ford Coppola film The Conversation which starred the legendary Gene Hackman, and that's another project that sounds rather interesting, it goes by the same name, The Conversation.



Uh, I saw this film already... it's called Yesterday Was A Lie. Seriously, are there no new ideas in Hollywood? Do you people just rip off EVERYTHING?


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