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Barbarella still in production?

Barbarella.jpgDespite the exit of the director and the man who worked so hard to kick off the project, it seems as though the remake of Barbarella is continuing.

Robert Rodriguez was pushing to get his vision of Barbarella made, with Rose McGowan taking over the legendary Jane Fonda role, but his vision was not to be as the studio wanted the film to be made in Germany to save production costs, and he didn't want to be that far from home.

So the project died. Or so we thought. It seems as though it's very much alive and well, if you believe the unnamed sources that is, and rather than going with the Robert Rodriguez version it seems that the studio are divorcing all contact from him and heading off with their own attempt at the remake.

According to the sources from Moviehole through JoBlo, the studio is out actively seeking writers as I type, and they plan to make the film that Robert Rodriguez couldn't, or rather didn't want to so far from home.

I wonder now if the film will retain Rose McGowan as the lead, or if they will totally recast come script time? For now they need a writer though, and something approaching a workable script that really could make the story of Barbarella work on screen without just relying on the gimmick of sex. After all, if you look back at the film now you'd cringe.



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