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Battleships gains Berg

PeterBerg.jpgPeter Berg is the next to direct an insanely stupid film version of a board game as he's in talks to direct the adaptation of Battleships the Hasbro board game.

Yes, rather than direct something like The Losers, a damn decent comic that he turned down some time back, he's decided to take the idea of people guessing the location of each others armada on a square grid and make a film out of it.

Jon and Erich Hoeber are the two men tasked with writing something out of this concept, a concept which doesn't really give them much if you ask me. All we know at the moment is that the connection will be ships at war.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story and reveals that all we so far is that the studio are wanting to make an "epic naval action adventure". Well what else could they do with it? They couldn't really adapt the actual game could they?

I wonder though what Peter Berg is thinking? I do hope that he's got in his hands more of an outline than we've heard in order to make his decision, and that Jon and Erich Hoeber have some great idea to really bring it to life, over and above a Master and Commander type film.

The good news is that the brothers wrote Whiteout and Red, two strong comic book adaptations which have a big star casting, so that does suggest they could turn it into something more interesting.



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