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Big Trouble in Little China on Blu-ray

BigTroubleinLittleChina.jpgBig Trouble in Little China is coming to Blu-ray, and that definitely has me excited for a Friday, especially considering the content on the disc.

Not only are we getting treated to the theatrical cut of the film but we'll also see the extended version with promised "never before seen footage", although I'm sure at least the editor has seen it...and a few other hundred people involved in the production of it!

Both versions of the film will be available through seamless branching, which means you can watch them as two separate versions without interruption.

According to High-Def Digest it's also set to come with 2.35:1 1080p picture and DTS-HD 5.1 audio, superb, now I can hear that line "I was born ready", one of my favourite lines of all time, in perfect studio quality sound.

Other extras seem to be the ones on the previous Special Edition DVD, which is a shame, although I'm sure they just can't keep inventing new features for every new release. Those include and audio commentary from John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, nine deleted scenes and an alternate ending as well as various featurettes and interviews, and the usual galleries and trailers.

Sounds like a good release and one I'd be keen to get my hands on, I'm a huge fan of the film Big Trouble in Little China (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).



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