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Branagh casts Thor's foe

TomHiddleston.jpgAfter the casting news that Kenneth Branagh, the director of Thor, something which I still find rather amazing to think about, has cast the lead role of Thor comes the news that his rival in the film has also been cast.

Loki is the god of thunder and plays the villain of the film, and Thor's brother. He's nicknamed the god of lies and mischief and now has a big screen face.

Tom Hiddleston is the man, a recognisable face, particularly if you've been watching the excellent Wallander on British television which stars Kenneth Branagh, for he's one of the co-stars playing alongside him. He's also played Winston Churchill in The Gathering Storm.

However Hiddleston's talents aren't restricted to the small screen, he's a star of stage too having starred next to Branagh in Ivanov, according to Variety.

Having worked with Branagh before is a good thing and will allow for a lot more confidence and short hand on te set of Thor, and with a stage background that could also offer some assistance to the actor on set.

For me this is the most exciting superhero project for some time, not because it's Thor, quite frankly I'm not that interested in seeing that character come to life, no, because it's Kenneth Branagh making the film, a man whom I've come to solidly admire for his wonderful Shakespeare adaptations.

The idea of Branagh delivering a superhero film is quite frankly amazing, but then the tale does come from the mythology of the Norse gods, so perhaps there's more connection here than we would give it credit.

I wonder if this could end up being a really grown up superhero film? Actually I don't really believe that the studio would allow Branagh to do that, and I have a fear that if he tried we'd see a director replaced. I can but wish, however I imagine popular opinion would be against me.



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