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British TV's UFO gets film

UFO.jpgFor those of you who remember the television series UFO from the seventies or from the subsequent reruns on British television, it's about to come back to life in the guise of a Hollywood film adaptation.

The series featured a secretive defence organisation called SHADO who fought against alien invaders using ships with huge missiles strapped to the front. Oh I loved those toys!

For those of you who don't remember, UFO was set in the future when humans had decided to fight back against aliens who had been kidnapping and killing people for decades, using the body parts for their own means.

Earth had set-up a secret defence force called SHADO, Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization, who were hiding beneath a Hollywood film studio with the head of the studio being the commander of SHADO. Oh no, is it Bob Weinstein?!

The live action television series came from the Thunderbirds creator (as well as many other great shows) Gerry Anderson and was first seen the year I was born, 1970. It ran for three years according to Variety, a fact I didn't realise, and it was actually set in the heady future of the 1980's. The film version will look forward to somewhere around 2020.

The project is currently being touted with Paramount and it could well become a reality there. I think they should give it a chance and look past the seventies show and see the story behind it. A secret group pretending to be a Hollywood studio who are secretly fighting an alien attack on Earth person by person? Superb stuff.

Oh and they have flying ships coming out of the studio, that's got to be worth some rides and attractions as well as merchandising.

Seriously though, think of the potential if they could apply the Battlestar Galactica formula to it? You can see it already can't you?



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