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Brothers Bloom opening seven minutes online

BrothersBloom.jpgThe first seven minutes to The Brothers Bloom has appeared online and it's looking rather good. I realise that this is an introduction piece and that the rest of the film could be very different, but as an introduction goes, this is really well done and pulled me right into the story.

The story is about the Brothers Bloom, two brothers who are very successful, high end con men that are about to hit one last target before retiring, a rich and eccentric heiress who threatens to inadvertently put a stop to their partnership.

The opening sequence shows The Brothers Bloom in their early stages, their first con, and how the idea grew into a way of life. It's short and incredibly well filmed, and carries a distinctive voiceover. I really like it, and it's one of these openings that has me hooked line and sinker.

You can see the introduction right here, and although we never see the main characters of Adrien Brody or Mark Ruffalo, you know instantly who they are and what their relationship will be. It's quite a good set-up.



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