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Call of Duty the film? Why?

CallofDuty.jpgApparently there's some talk at Activision Blizzard, one of the leading videogame development studios, about making a Call of Duty film. Quite frankly though I can't figure that out, what would a Call of Duty film possibly bring us over any other war film?

The CEO of Activision Blizzard has been talking about the possibility of a Guitar Hero tour or a reality show and he happens to mention the World of Warcraft and Call of Duty films.

There's been talk of a World of Warcraft film for a very long time, back in May 2006 I wrote about the first discussions of the film, but there hasn't been much since, just the continual comments about it still being on the go and trying to keep the interest going.

What's interesting is that even in this article from The Hollywood Reporter through Empire the CEO still doesn't want to comment on the project, neither does he want to address the rumour of a Call of Duty film, something I really do struggle with.

Is there anything in Call of Duty that isn't in a war film? There are so many comparisons of the World War II episodes with Saving Private Ryan, and surely, if anything, Call of Duty is based on the films before it, particularly Saving Private Ryan.

Let's not argue what influenced what though, a film made from Call of Duty is a war film, there's nothing that's uniquely Call of Duty that the film could take that wouldn't be straight out of all the war films about the same period of time.

Of course there is one thing isn't there? The title of the game and the audience it carries, now that would be worth some tickets at the box office.



I bet people will compare the movie (in case it will push through) with Saving Private Ryan and other war movies. It can't be helped. Movies from video games rarely make it to the top and yeah I heard that a movie for World of Warcraft was supposed to be filmed. I hope games would just stay in our consoles.


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