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Case 39 gets released

Case39.jpgIt was back in January that we heard that Case 39 was being dropped by the studio, and suddenly there were no releases planned. It always struck me as odd as the film came from the excellent Christian Alvart and starred Renée Zellweger, could it have been that bad or hard to market?

Well the good news is that the studio have decided to release the film, and this isn't a half hearted release either, this is the full thing, well for every where apart from the U.S.

Case 39 tells the story of a social worker who saves a child from abusive parents, only to discover that, once freed and in her own custody, the situation is much more complex and dangerous than was first thought.

The official site for Case 39, through AITH, has released the planned release list for the film which hits Latin America in September, Middle East and Africa in October through December, Asia Pacific from August through to November, and Europe from August through to December.

This is great news, and do you want me to tell you why? I shall. Christian Alvart is responsible for Antikörper (Antibodies) (Filmstalker review), a superb psychological horror that really grabbed me and made me realise that Alvart could end up bringing something special in Hollywood.

The question is has he managed with Case 39, or are we going to have to wait for Pandorum?

You can see the trailer for Case 39 here on Filmstalker, along with the Pandorum trailer. Both look pretty damn good, and I'm really excited that we're getting to see Case 39...eventually.



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