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Castlevania killed?

Castlevania.jpgThe rumour is that Castlevania, the adaptation of the fun but little video game, has been axed from the production slate of Paul W.S. Anderson, axed even from everyone's slates and the film is heading for a big production coffin.

Of course this is a rumour, there's no official word through yet, but from the usual inside sources type of rumour, the film is dead.

Previously it was to be directed by Sylvian White, a man who gained other, more interesting projects on his slate and looked like he jumped ship to deal with them, meantime word on the project slowed down and it seems like now no one's interested.

Bloody Disgusting say that they have sources close to Paul W.S. Anderson, although I've heard that before in the media and these type of sources have turned out to be people passing someone by and overhearing something they said, who have revealed that the film went looking for new directors and has just not managed to move any further forward.

So it looks like Castlevania is dead, no surprises really and I would think almost quite thankfully. Or is it?

However to be fair the script ideas had travelled a long way from the videogame idea where we were seeing the origins of the Dracula character and a family of vampire hunters who become the last hope of humans.

It does sound like it had more mileage than the game, but perhaps no one else in Hollywood was seeing it.



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