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Christopher Lee returns to Hammer horror

Hammer_Dracula.jpgIt's been some time since Christopher Lee starred in a Hammer horror film, and he's probably best known for his returning role as Count Dracula in all the various Hammer films about the character, where spin off's and sequels were perhaps exploited the best since, well, since ever.

Now though he's set to return to the big name cast horror film that they are producing called The Resident, which might also become known as Invasion of Privacy.

He's set to star alongside Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Resident written and directed by Antti Jokinen.

All the information we have on the story so far is that a doctor suspects that she may not actually be alone in her new apartment, a converted loft in Brooklyn, and it seems that her landlord has a wholly unhealthy obsession with her.

While that may not be setting you alight, the fact that Hammer is back with such a big cast and that they've signed one of their biggest names from the past Christopher Lee are two very big pieces of news.

Apart from the nostalgia piece, there's a lot of weight being added to film in terms of casting, and while Jokinen may be a bit of an unknown, and the new Hammer has yet to prove itself, things are looking up for the latest round of Hammer horror.



Will be interesting to see the results.

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