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Clooney is a Private Gentleman assassin

GeorgeClooney.jpgNo sooner had we heard of the film A Very Private Gentleman, the adaptation of the Martin Booth novel than the lead is cast, and it's none other than George Clooney himself.

The novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) tells the story of an assassin awaiting his next assignment in an Italian town who, very much against his character, falls in love with the town and the people just in time for him to receive his orders, orders that put him in a very difficult position.

Rowan Joffe is adaptating the Martin Booth novel which Anton Corbijn will direct, and that's already looking like a superb line up when you add in George Clooney.

However there are little warning bells lighting up after reading the story from Variety, for they could turn this project around and make it rather light hearted fare with Clooney playing the character with the gruff and distanced exterior who falls in love with the town and begins making gooey eyes at someone while becoming everyone's best buddy.

I could see this playing overly on his over-used romantic side. Especially when you think, as I described it before, that you could see the film as a more focussed section from Grosse Pointe Blank where the assassin makes friends and then receives his order to kill someone he knows.

I'm not really sure how much that entices me, if it was being played harder and more real then perhaps it would, and if they aren't playing to Clooney's romantic side and instead turn to his more dramatic and serious abilities, then I'd be much more interested. Wouldn't you?



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