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Conan director already found?

Conan.jpgThat could have been quick, with the announcement of Brett Ratner being dropped off the film we're seeing a quick turnaround with who could be on for helming the film, and it does keep up with the pace that the producers are hoping for as they race for that August date for the film kicking off.

The choice of director is a good one too, and one I think none of us could find fault with. Okay, I'm lying there obviously, I know fine that someone will think of a good reason why he won't make a good director for Conan.

One day and a few hours ago I wrote about Brett Ratner leaving Conan but the producers being definite that this was due to scheduling conflicts and the film was still racing forward.

Now the rumour comes from CHUD through JoBlo that the director has been found, and it's the man who directed V For Vendetta (Filmstalker review), another good film that gets too much stick mainly as a reflection of the behind the scenes arguments from the creator. He's also directed the upcoming Ninja Assassin.

The rumour states that James McTeigue hasn't signed any deal yet, but that the rumour is very strong. Well rumour indeed, and it may never happen, however I think that McTeigue could be a cracking choice for the film. What do you think?



hmm, i was hoping michael bassett would get a shot at conan. but i guess since he's relatively unknown, he won't get any studio attention.


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