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Cooper denies A-Team involvement

BradleyCooper.jpgBradley Cooper has openly denied that he's said he's involved in the A-Team film, and you can understand why when you look back at his comments which were grabbed hastily, and secretively, in a hotel corridor.

However at the same time we hear this again and again, a rumour appears with a new piece of casting, it's immediately denied with a “that's not what I said or meant” and then, less than a few weeks later, it's confirmed.

Whether it's careful influencing skills on the part of the person wanting cast, or it's a genuine slip, we're never really sure. However Bradley Cooper is certain that he's not involved in The A-Team film and that he's not been talking to Joe Carnahan about the film.

If he hasn't been, then he really should be now.

You'll remember that in the previous story, Cooper was accosted in a hotel corridor and quickly asked what was happening about his casting in The A-Team, now that is surely something that the IESB reporter must have had some inside knowledge on, otherwise he was asking all good looking actors if they had the role.

Yet speaking to CHUD through JoBlo just the other day Cooper reveals that he misunderstood the question, and with the reporter had loaded it asking if he was involved in the A-Team film, he had caught the fact that everyone new Joe Carnahan was directing The A-Team, something he didn't think had been broken (see ).

So Cooper says something like “Is that out already?” in response to the Carnahan on A-Team, while the reporter thinks he's responded to the “are you Face?” question, and confusion reigns.

Or perhaps it doesn't and the confusion is now hitting.

Either way the idea is out there, Carnahan has seen a potential Face, and perhaps Bradley Cooper is in there already.

Frankly I'd forget all this and cast him anyway.



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