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Deadpool sequel begins, Wolverine ending revealed

Deadpool.jpgSo the Deadpool spin off begins development at Fox, and there's not a glimmer of surprise. As I said in the comments the other day, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was really a proving ground for spin offs and prequels galore, so expect to see them all coming now.

Since then we're heard of the Wolverine sequel, and now the Deadpool spin off, pretty soon it'll be Magneto going ahead, Gambit, and perhaps even a few of the other lead X-Men characters.

Now though, Deadpool seems to be the first spin off's spin off to begin with Ryan Reynolds attached to bring the character back in his own film. What's more is that the Deadpool film will look to the character and ignore some of the key events that occurred to him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, including two of the tacked on endings post credits.

If you hadn't seen the ending of Wolverine you might want to read away now and not follow the source article in The Hollywood Reporter, for they are intent on blowing the surprise ending and the ending of Wolverine for one character at least, Deadpool.

Okay, looking away? Oh and let me point out that's Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Screenwriting Magazine that have all spoiled or revealed plot details of films recently, not fan sites, not blogs, not forums, but official magazines and news sources.

So, Deadpool. The Article goes onto say that despite Deadpool's disfigurement in the film, he's looking to be all clean cut and handsome for the spin off, and even though he appears dead during the film, one of the post credit sequence shows him alive but with his mouth sewn shut and given new and improved superpowers, again this will be reversed for his film.

Well looks like a lot of liberties with the story already told on film, and it really makes you wonder why they bothered putting those sequences on the end of the film in the first place.

Still, they are looking for writers for the project just now, so there's a lot that could happen between now and a completed film. Right now all this is conjecture, hope, and the executives talking about what they think we want to hear, who know, they may be right.



Hooray thats great news. Especially about them reversing the events of the film, but i agree with you Richard why bother put them in in the first place?

Surely they knew that a deadpool film would be coming yet they made some pretty big changes to his character within the wolverine film.

I wonder if wolverine will be making a cameo in deadpool's movie and start flying? If they're telling the story of Deadpool they'll have to have Weapon X in it as they did for wolverine, does that mean more cameos from the other characters who lived and died in wolverine? This could get confusing...

I haven't seen Wolverine, but I do get the impression that despite these stories all occurring in the same universe they aren't being that careful about tying them together.

I believe Deadpool's face was badly damaged though, hence the mask. Not entirely sure as I was never a real Deadpool fan - anyone correct me there?

When they release the DVD/BluRay they should re-do the ending. This sets up the spinoffs for the next movie and the sequel

Stryker empties the entire clip into wolverine.
Last bullet goes through his eye, CGI effects shows the bullet tearing through his eye and resting in his brain
Wolverine lies on the ground next to Silver Sable. Stryker walks over to Wolverine gun at the ready
Silver sable grabs his leg and tells him to point the gun at his head and pull the trigger
Stryker pulls the trigger and gun clicks, frusted sable tells him to walk until his feet bleed
Stryker walks off scene and Sable dies
Gambit comes in checks wolverine’s pulse,
checks Sable pulse
Wolverine begins to move and stands up, eye heals over
Gambit: “Look who just came back from the dead”
Wolverine looks confused unable to talk mutters “from the dead”
Gambit looks perplexed and says “Lets get you to a hosiptial mona-me”
As gambit reaches towards wolverine Wolverine backs up and extends claws and starts to growl
Gambits steps back and eyes and stick glowing “Easy there ”
Wolverine: “Easy…”
Gambit stares back and reaches into his jacket
Wolverine sees Gambit reaching and lunges toward gambit
Gambit spins out of the way and runs off while throwing glowing cards in the air behind him as he leaves
Wolveine runs after but is blown off his feet from cards
Wolverine shakes it off and gets up. Gambit is no where to be seen
Looks at Sable for a while trying to see who she is, confused look on his face
Runs off into woods claws drawn.

Go to Stryker walking. Cue Stryker scene

End Credit roll by, Dead pool head seen, eyes open and shh.
Deadpool picks up head and says “Hey look fellas this one talks”
Looks down and sees sworded arm, “and comes with a free prize”
“How come you guys didn’t come with prizes”
Deadpool toses head into netted bag full of weapon XI heads.
Deadpool walks off

Dennis, I think i would have preferred your ending!

Richard, from what i remember, Deadpool gets terminal cancer and goes to Weapon X to get the healing ability from Wolverine has but it goes wrong on the first attempt and he is left scarred/disfigured and goes pretty unstable hence the mask. I have no doubt the hollywood version wouldn't include the scarring and for once i'm glad if its ryan reynolds *cough*

Thanks for that Michelle, so perhaps they will go with the scarring, although I suspect they'll want Reynolds face up there too, and I can't think why that might please you!

why have ryan reynolds if his mouth is closed up and face disfigured? should save there money if thats the case

I do no know yet


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