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Del Toro's horror Mamá

GuillermodelToro.jpgGuillermo del Toro may be producing another English language adaptation of a foreign film with the original creators, something that is fast becoming a trend in Hollywood and a particular trademark of del Toro.

The film is the adaptation of a Spanish short called Mama, a horror film that has a plot line that is being kept secret for now, although some details are already out about it.

Mamá will follow two girls in a Gothic house who are trying to escape from a ghostly woman who appears to be their mother. Other than that little piece from the Variety Risky Business blog through AICN, there's not much more to be heard.

Well actually that's a lie, the Variety story tells us the ending, without even the hint of a spoiler coming, and they just leap right into it. What a fat lot of good that is, and that should be embarrassing beyond degree for whoever wrote that story. If you read it, say good bye to having any surprise about the ending for the short film. Hopefully the feature length English language version will alter that ending rather heavily.

Andy and Barbara Muschietti are the team behind the Spanish short called Mama which has received the noteworthy praise and the attention from Universal for a remake. They are writing the script for the English language version right now. Andres Muschietti will be directing and Guillermo del Toro is in talks to produce the film alongside Barabara Muschietti.

Del Toro heard about the project when his scout picked up on it through a number of European festivals and this caused Universal to gain interest and the project move forward.

Sounds interesting, although with Variety telling everyone the ending to the short, will that affect the feature film at all?



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