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District 9 teaser trailer online

District9.jpgFinally we have something more from the much anticipated film from Neill Blomkamp, District 9, and to boot it's in high definition. I have to say that this trailer was needed, after the footage we saw ages ago there was a specific feel to the film, and it was looking as though it would be small scale, small budget, and built around interviews and little of the actual Alien race, for having such a big premise, it looked like it might be a clever little film.

However that might have just been put to rest with this new trailer.

District 9 is the story of an extraterrestrial race who have no other choice but to come to Earth and make a home here, alongside all the other species on the planet. We humans force them to live in slums and be controlled, held back, and treated as something less than a living creature. That is until an agent belonging to the group keeping them suppressed is exposed to biotechnology that they use and becomes a possible saviour for them. You can read more information about those rules that keep the Aliens confined on Filmstalker.

The previous teaser made it look very documentary like, and feel as though it was going to be a very clever look at the whole story idea using interviews with actors, often real footage, and little in the way of effects and the science fiction aspect. Now that isn't a good thing, but when all the marketing was gearing it towards something bigger, I was getting a little concerned. After all many have said that this is a stepping stone towards getting the Halo project going.

However this teaser begins to address and allay those fears. Cleverly it starts out with that style and then hits you with a big money shot. The spaceship, giving similar feelings to seeing the first ship in V, or Independence Day. It looks good.

Then there's the interview with the creature which also feels pretty good, and it's the first real glimpse we get of one.

Could this turn out to be a corker of a film? I think it might be heading that way, especially with such a strong concept. Here's the trailer for you to decide over at Apple Trailers [QT:480p:720p:1080p].

Perhaps it might even persuade studios that Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson could pull off Halo? Note that's also co-written by Beattie. Although it does reek of being a "hey look, we can do Halo" kind of story, I think it's now grown its own legs and just stood up.



Ooh, I like the look of this!

I actually prefer the short, this one comes off slicker... and less believable. Do love the money shot of the spaceship though..

I saw the trailer last night ahead of Wolverine, and it fell pretty flat with the audience. Kind of that, "what the hell was that?" sort of response. I'm not really sure what I think of it.


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