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Dreyfuss reveals Piranha 3D is charity

RichardDreyfuss.jpgRichard Dreyfuss has been talking, very briefly, about his career and the interviewer pulled the conversation over to the latest announcement that he'll be starring in Piranha 3D, or Piranha 3-D, and he responded that it's all about the money, the money being donated to charity.

What's surprising is that in the conversation he talks about how he's retired and not that bothered about acting any more, then comments on how it's hard to find projects these days. However his sense of charity is far from gone.

I'm a huge fan of Richard Dreyfuss and I think I became so back in the days of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, since then he's been on my top list, and I so I was really surprised to find that he was going to be starring in Piranha 3D, especially when he's turning down offers for the Jaws Anniversary appearances.

He was being interviewed over at the NY Post for his new romantic comedy film My Life in Ruins, which is a strange choice indeed considering that he reveals he's retired and good projects are hard to find.

He justifies the choice by saying:

"People who are not in the film business never really understand that an actor has fewer choices in his life than they may think. It's more about what's offered. In my situation, it's a question of whether I'm being offered anything at all -- and out of those films, which one tastes the least offensive."

That sounds terrible for an actor of his stature, and I do mean that. Many will argue about what Richard Dreyfuss has achieved and starred in through his career, but for me there are a number of films which really show off his talent, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws and Always are just three of them.

So not only is it quite sad for me to hear that comment from the actor, but it's also sad to hear he's appearing in Piranha 3D. When I heard that I couldn't believe it and wondered if the film was going to surprise us all by revealing that there's a hell of a lot more to it than we might have first thought. Not so it appears.

"I'm doing that because Bob Weinstein has given a very big check to the Dreyfuss Initiative, which is a nonprofit that teaches political power to grades K to 12. I'm doing it out of gratitude. I'm retired. I'm not really acting anymore. When you've done something for 45 years, you're allowed to move on."

Great cause, and well done Dreyfuss for taking that deal. I have to say I admire him even more for that.

However it does put the film Piranha 3D in it's place a little. If I was thinking that it might be something more than I first thought, I'm not now.

One thing he does say that disappoints me a little are his comments about being asked to do a Jaws anniversary, and his response does seem to miss out the desire from the fans somewhat.

"They asked me to come do the anniversary of "Jaws" at Martha's Vineyard. I said, "No." They said, "Well, it's the anniversary." Yeah, it's the anniversary of you making a lot of money. And now you want to make a lot more money. When are you going to make me an offer I can participate in?"

Well that's slightly tarnished what I thought of him, unless what he's saying is that the reunion wasn't going to be about the fans at all. I do hope there's some other qualification in there.

As a closing though I love the comment he makes when asked if he's using personal experience to act the scene where he's in bed with two gorgeous Spanish ladies, he responds:

"I've done things you can't possibly imagine and that you will never know."

We can but imagine.



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