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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009 programme announced

EIFF.pngThe Edinburgh International Film Festival has released it's programme, and there are some huge names involved this year. We're going to see Steven Soderbergh, Sam Mendes, Darren Aronofsky, Bill Forsyth and Roger Corman featuring at the festival and talking about their work.

What's more is there are a mammoth one hundred and thirty five films showing from thirty three countries. That includes twenty three world premières and sixteen international premières.

I was going to sit and wait to go through the list and start writing up my "wishlist" to see, a list I can only confirm once the press screening schedule has been released, but since The Guardian and the EIFF wrote up the details already, it's saved me the bother of picking out all the films you might be interested in.

Here are the premières:

World premières
Atletu (The Athlete)
Big Things
Boogie Woogie
A Boy Called Dad
The Calling
Crying with Laughter
Le Donk
Follow the Master
Mad Sad and Bad
No Greater Love
Romeo and Juilet Versus The Living Dead
Running in Traffic
Thanks Maa
Wide Open Spaces

International premières
Away We Go
Easier With Practice
Harmony and Me
The Last Heroes of the Peninsula
The Maiden Heist
The Missing Person
Modern Love is Automatic
My Year without Sex
The September Issue
Tiny Joys
Van Diemen's Land

Some interesting films in there, and nestled within them and the full list are some films that will definitely make that must see list.

The opening night film is Sam Mendes' Away We Go, which tells the story of a couple who are travelling around the United States trying to find the perfect place to bring up their unborn child, and on the way they meet friends and family, old and new, some who help and some who hinder.

The closing night film is Adam, Max Mayer's film starring Hugh Dancy as the man suffering from Asberger's Syndrome and Rose Byrne as the woman who begins to fall for him.

Katheryn Biglow's The Hurt Locker will be playing, David Mackenzie's Spread starring Ashton Kutcher is to show, as is The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Girlfriend Experience, Moon, Le Donk by Shane Meadows, Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, Rudo y Cursi starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, Dario Argento's Giallo, Dick Kirby's Outrage, Sin Nombre, and even Romeo and Juliet vs The Living Dead!

Oh I think I managed to get my breath back there, seriously there's an amazing list of films this year and I'm going to struggle to see them all. I'll try though, crammed press schedule allowing – you see the problem is they always put on two or three press shows at the same time and you really do struggle to get to see things, as a result someone has to lose out. I wish they would spread them out over more days.

However that's the line up, and if you want to see all the films on offer head over to the EIFF official site, or just go directly to the downloadable brochure.

I'm about to start working through the list of films and making my list, but if you want me to go and see something in particular and review it, just drop in a comment.

Filmstalker at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009



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