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First picture of Arnie in Terminator Salvation

TerminatorSalvation-T800.jpgThe first picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation as the T-800 (or T-101 depending on how you prefer to classify it) has appeared online and it doesn't look have bad. All the CGI work has resulted in something almost like Arnie did in the previous Terminators.

What will be interesting is to see it walking and talking and see how it really interacts with the other characters in the film. The real question is have ILM pulled off the complex CGI enough to make us believe the old Terminator is back?

They've really had their work cut out for them, and you can see the slightly bigger image of his upper body and face over at AITH who found it over on nocutnews – good luck to non-Asian browsers in finding the original image!

I'm rather liking it, and I now do believe that they could bring the T-800 back without Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a shame that they can, but they can none the less.

You know I'm getting rather worried because I haven't seen a single piece of footage, still or film, from Terminator Salvation that I haven't liked. Sure I don't like some ideas and concepts that have been carried through, but they are just bit players in the entirety of the film.

I'm really thinking that McG might have delivered.



hehe you're still spewing about the motorbike terminators, Richard. it's ok. i'm still worried there'll be a giant mechanical steam powered robot spider somewhere in the flick.

i'm the same. loving what i'm seeing. funny though. i saw a review on some online news agency that said the new movie just wasn't good without Arnie...it didn't mention this cgi arnold at all, not even in passing.

makes me wonder if the report wasn't a negatively slanted plant prestrike.

thanks for the image.

by the way...do you remember a few years ago, some fx company ( i believe ilm ) brought arnie into their studio for a very high resolution wire frame workup "body mold cast" or some such of arnold before he became a politician and lost his chi. i seem to be the only one to remember this story in my circle of friends.

do you think this cgi work is new or do you think it used this pre cast? do you even remember the story? i do know i'm not imagining it.

Sorry, but the image looks fake... very fake.

Little head on massive shoulders.

For me, this is the first image (and footage) from Terminator Salvation that has disappointed. I hope it turns out to be a fanpic

To me, the image doesn't look 'realistic' and reminds me a little of the effects used for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, back in 2001. Apperantly, accordng to those who have already seen the film the CGI Arnold looks much better than in the picture displayed above.

So far I've been reading quite negative reviews from critics, but response from fans is rather positve. Fingers crossed.

There's a strong chance it could be fan made, it's not hard to fake a couple of pics like that, but then to screen capture them from the first couple of films and re-use them would surely result in a far better quality image?

Mogulus, I remember something about that, and the original talk about the reappearance of Arnie was referring to using body casts and old footage to recreate him.

I'm staying clear of the reviews so far, but general blurbs are saying negative things, although it is a good action film, it just isn't Terminator.

Oh and I still don't get the bikes, you're spot on!

Thankfully Smith and Branagh and riding a steam driven spider in this one!


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