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Flight of the Navigator remake

FlightoftheNavigator.jpgRemember Flight of the Navigator? If I say "I am the Navi-gator" in a deep booming voice? What if I remind you of the shiny, silver reflective spaceship in the shape of a backwards tear-drop? A twelve year old kid missing for eight years is found and he has a mental connection to a downed spacecraft? No? How about scientists try and exploit his connection in order to use the ship and he races off to try and find his family?

Surely you remember now? Well the Disney film is about to see another version as Disney continues to loot it's back catalogue to find films to remake.

I didn't know this at the time but Flight of the Navigator wasn't a commercial success in the cinema, it really grew to fame when it was on VHS (remember that? My Dad still has Betamax!) and became somewhat of a cult hit.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the new version is being written by Brad Copeland who wrote Wild Hogs and some episodes of Arrested Development and My Name is Earl. They also say that John Hyde is returning to the film to reprise his role as Executive Producer.

There's nothing else on how the story is to be adapted, if it is to be modernised or changed, or if it's going to be as straight as remakes go. I suspect it might be as straight as they come as there's not much to modernise in the story, unless they make the ship bigger and perhaps a fleet of them!

One thing is for sure, Paul Reubens won't be the ship in charge of flying the young boy, and we'll probably not see Sarah Jessica Parker reprise her role, it's been a while.

Apart from the obvious effects upgrades on the film I really am wondering what they could do differently here. The story was pretty much explored, unless they're going to do it darker and more real life, but I doubt Disney would do that. The question is what more are they going to add unless it's just more of the flight itself?



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