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Gamer flash image and site online

GerardButler.jpgYes, it's a Flash animated image people, this silly “motion poster” tag is just giving a name to something that computers have been doing on the internet for a very long time, it's called Flash.

I really don't get these “motion posters”, and it's not got much more retention value than a few clicks. Still, it's for the Gerard Butler lead film Game, a film that looks pretty exciting stuff, so here you go.

Who knows you might actually be interested in the “motion poster” gimmick over at UGO through JoBlo, and perhaps you haven't seen anything on the internet for the last few years, however I would suggest you skip by that and just head to the site for the film.

In fact let me embed it here for you so you can see what you're missing, or not.

Game stars Gerard Butler as a real character within a massive multiplayer game, where other people can control real people. Slayers is a mammoth game played by people from all over the world where anyone can act out their fantasies and indulge in acts that they never would in real life.

Kable, played by Gerard Butler, is the lead player in the game and is controlled by Simon, a young gamer who manages to win with Kable each week despite growing odds.

However Kable isn't just a videogame character. He's a real man, taken from his family and forced to fight each week when he's taken over by Simon. However he has a plan to escape the game, find freedom and his identity once again, and end the game forever.

The film comes from Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, the guys behind the two Crank films, so this promises to be pretty exciting stuff, something that we saw from the leaked trailer, a trailer that looks pretty damn good. I can't wait for the full one.



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