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He-Man Masters of the Universe remake still alive

He-Man.jpgI had thought that Grayskull, aka He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, was a project that had officially been dropped, just because there wasn't really a way of making the project work without going big budget science fiction/fantasy epic. Seems I was wrong as word is out that there's a new writer on the project.

The man who directed Kung Fu Panda is still on board to direct the film, and it's a new scriptwriter to Hollywood, Evan Daugherty, who is going to write the new version of the film.

I find that a little surprising as the previous script for He-Man aka Masters of the Universe comes from Justin Mark, a writer who seems to be one of the names to go to for comic book adaptations in Hollywood at the moment.

Still the word is through The Hollywood Reporter that they want to keep the script gritty and see Adam, aka He-Man, as a Buck Rogers kind of man thrown into this magical universe. He's set to be a solider who "happens upon" the magical world of Eternia where Skeletor is raising an army of technologically advanced warriors to fight the good guys and ensure magic is removed from the world.

It does sound like quite a different take from the original, and it might just work, but the "comic" and camp elements will really have to eradicated from the story in order for it to work I believe.

It's amazing how Daugherty made it though, he wrote a script for his NYU film school grant but it failed to get him accepted, so he sent it into a screenwriting competition where it got seen by someone in the industry, made the Hollywood walk, and managed to get on the famed black list - the list of scripts that studio executives and their PA's love to read.

Mind you the script of a psychological thriller where two mortal enemies are on a hunting trip to the death doesn't sound like He-Man does it?

Still, the project is alive and attempting to move forward again. Where to next?



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