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Hisss real trailer online

JenniferLynch.jpgA proper trailer has arrived for Jennifer Chamber Lynch's Hisss and it still looks rather sexy, action packed and rather horrific in places. All in all it's looking really good.

Hisss is Lynch's film which can easily be described as a Bollywod fantasy horror, based on the legends of a snake woman who will come to avenge wrong doing. It's well worth watching the trailer.

Jennifer Chambers Lynch wrote and directed the film Hisss which stars Mallika Sherawat as the snake woman herself as well as Irrfan Khan.

The trailer looks rather powerful, and indeed sexy. Watching some of the scenes I felt the same power that vampires have on film, that sexy allure yet at the same time being slightly repulsed and scared.

I'm not even going to think about the scene where she starts to swallow someone's head, and from the still that Twitch have you can see that she ends up eating people whole. This could be an interesting film, and a very exciting crossover from Hollywood to Bollywood.

Here's the new trailer.



This looks great. An honest to goodness nasty looking monster movie. For some reason the trailer kind of reminds me of Paul Stanley's Dust Devil. Don't know why.


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