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Inglourious Basterds re-edited, Pitt and footage

IngloriousBasterds.jpgThe word is that Inglourious Basterds is being forced into re-editing after the Cannes showings by the Weinstein Company, and what's surprising about the story is that it isn't what you immediately think, it's not Weinstein calling for more footage to be removed, it seems to be Universal wanting more.

Not only that but there's a rather interesting interview with Brad Pitt to compliment it in which he comes across as such a nice guy, and there's a little footage from the film up front too.

The word began hitting the Internet that after the Cannes screening Inglourious Basterds was heading back to the editing room after the average showing at Cannes and the slightly less than inglorious commentary it was receiving in the media afterwards.

Through The Telegraph I caught these excerpts from other reviews:

"The Daily Telegraph's review called the film "not so much inglorious as undistinguished".

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Inglourious Basterds "merely continues the string of disappointments in this year's Competition". The review added: "Those things we think of as being Tarantino-esque – the long stretches of wickedly funny dialogue, the humour in the violence and outsized characters strutting across the screen – are largely missing."

Variety was a little more positive, calling the film "by turns surprising, nutty, windy, audacious and a bit caught up in its own cleverness".

The Guardian's review was the most damning, describing Tarantino's decade-in-the-making project as "achtung-achtung-ach-mein-Gott-atrocious" and claiming that "today the full catastrophe of his new film arrived like some colossal armour-plated turkey from hell"."

Okay, that's pretty serious stuff, I wonder if everyone is a little bored now with the Tarantino experience, and now that we're used to it, it doesn't pack the same exciting punch as it once did?

Regardless, after the screening word starting coming out about the film being called back for an edit, but instead of the usual story of a film-maker being forced to edit it down, Universal were asking Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino to edit it up.

According to Variety through Twitch, the deal is something like this:

"TWC's 50/50 partner on the picture, Universal, UPDATE: is talking to the filmmaker about returning to the editing room post-Cannes to make some trims edits that might include adding a scene, says Tarantino, who reminds that the film, at two hours 27 minutes, is well under his contractual final cut length of two hours 48 minutes."

Well I guess it's something different to the usual task of editing a film down in order to increase audience reaction to it. Still, it doesn't take away from the increasing negative feeling for the film.

Meanwhile Brad Pitt was on MSNBC talking about himself and the film, and it's a nice little interview that really portrays Pitt well, if strokes his ego a little too much. Plus it has a few short clips of the film.



Doesn't anyone find it peculiar that the Americans haven't even heard of this thing and that it's being marketed everywhere BUT The Western Hemisphere, like Cannes, and yet technically has nothing to do with America or Americans? Doesn't that strike anyone as a little odd? What is it with that?


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