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Jackson to play pirate negotiator

SamuelLJackson.jpgSamuel L. Jackson is set to play Andrew Mwangura, a negotiator between pirates and the owners of vessels hijacked off the coast of Africa Variety reports. Mwangura is a journalist and ex-marine engineer who operates the Seafarers' Assistance Programme, a group that offers humanitarian aid to all seafarers and is known for his negotiating for the release of seamen taken hostage by terrorists and hijackers.

In his role he negotiates the freedom of the hostages and the price the owners of the vessels have to pay in order to see the safe return of the seamen, the boat and the cargo, often hitting millions of dollars.

It seems strange that in this day and age of world leaders screaming about not giving into terrorists and such, and invading countries that demonstrate such behaviour that this kind of negotiating still continues.

The story in Variety tells us that the deal was secured just as Mwangura was securing a deal to release the crew, vessel and cargo of a Ukranian ship which was carrying a cache of Russian tanks. That set the company back some US$3.4 million.

The film sounds like it could have a really interesting theme to it and if they look at the dichotomy of the negotiations in this world of no negotiating with terrorists then it could provide for some thought provoking work.

However I do suspect that it will become a more action packed thriller and give us something more akin to the excellent The Negotiator, seeing Samuel L. Jackson reprising a similar role.



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