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Karate Kid remake plot revealed

TheKarateKid.jpgThe plot for the new Karate Kid film, Kung Fu Kid, produced by Will Smith and starring his son Jaden Smith has had it's plot revealed, and it sounds terrible. It really does. On the plus side, it does sound like a merchandisers dream and the Chinese government should be more than happy with the tourist revenue.

The plot has updated the Karate Kid story in so many ways I think it's going to be barely recognisable, and while the script is being praised, I'm not sure about the premise.

The plot goes something like this. Jaden Smith plays The Karate Kid now called Dre (he's just waiting for his doctorate) and he and his single mother open the film living in America. However economics the way they are, she's about to lose her job until the company offer her a place in their Chinese branch, which she accepts and off they fly.

They arrive in China with no understanding of the ways or the language, and while his mum works hard to support them, Dre struggles to fit in. So he comes a cropper with the local bully who starts beating him up.

Now, since Dre is an avid computer game fan he's been playing fighting games on his video game console and practising some of the kicks. That's when Li Quan Ha, the local Kung-Fu (not Karate) teacher played by Jackie Chan, sees him and offers to train him in the ways of martial arts and also to speak Chinese.

The story comes from Moviehole where Clint says that the script is really good, however I'm inclined to agree with Peter from /Film where I caught the story (mainly because Moviehole has no feed) in that the premise sounds pretty poor. I'm not convinced by the whole idea either, but then maybe the script can make it work.

What do you think? Are the changes for the worse or better? Or is there no real concern as it's just the set-up that has all been modernised?



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