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Land of the Lost trailer online

LandoftheLost.jpgA new trailer has arrived online for Land of the Lost starring Will Ferrell, Anna Friel and Danny McBride, and it's looking even better than the last, and what was odd was that I really did like the last one and I like this even better, and yet the details on paper should have me retching.

I'm surprised how much fun this looks and how I'm starting to like Land of the Lost. Have a look at the trailer and see what you think, if anything the effects are pretty damn huge as well.

Land of the Lost sees the slightly odd scientist Dr Rick Marshall, played by Will Ferrell, finally get one of his inventions off the ground and actually working, unfortunately it throws him and his team into an alternate universe filled with aliens and dinosaurs and all manner of strange creatures.

So they have to try and find a way to get back, meanwhile love is blossoming, and the scientist is just showing how mad he is...oh, and he's always wrong!

What do you think? I'm looking pretty into it.



Looks fun!


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