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Live action Mad Max 4 underway?

MadMax.jpgLast we heard Mad Max 4 was likely to be made as an 3-D Japanese style anime, as opposed to a live action film.

But it could be that Mad Max 4 will start production this year sometime, with a new Mad Max and not as an anime.

Despite Mel Gibson being less than impressed with the script he was sent for Mad Max 4, George Miller has carried on regardless. Then in March this year, Miller said he planned on making Mad Max 4 as a 3-D Japanese style anime feature. This without Mel Gibson, who he has presumably given up on.

Now The Herald Sun, through First Showing.net, say that Miller is planning on filming the fourth film this year. They also say that scouting for locations is already underway. The plan seems to be to cast a new younger Max.

It's hard to know if this is a definite, or if the anime film is still the plan. He sounded pretty excited about it when it came up. Do you want Mad Max 4? Do you like the sound of an anime film, or should it be live action? Any idea who could play Max?



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