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Lundgren's Icarus teaser online

DolphLundgren.jpgYou know take the mickey out of Dolph Lundgren and his films all you want, but he has delivered some fun action films, and he's still churning them out without falling by the wayside to vices and illegal substances...or rather I don't think he has, and yet he's still not getting the recognition he might just have earned.

The teaser for his latest film isn't looking hugely better in terms of production value, but then remember it is an early teaser, but it is looking good in terms of story line and action.

He plays a nice, rounded, successful family man who has a secret, he's an assassin, and a damn good one at that. He was once a Soviet sleeper agent hiding in plain sight in American day to day life, but when the empire behind him collapsed he was left on his own, so he began a new identity and a new life, a real life.

However, as these things go, his cover is blown in Hong Kong and before long his past life is after him with the mission to kill him and his family for his past actions. He must find out who is behind it and end it before his family, the only decent thing in his life, is murdered.

Icarus sounds a well-trodden but interesting story, and is written by Paul Inglis and directed by, none other than Dolph Lundgren himself. He really is taking to this behind the camera role rather well, another thing he should be given a lot of credit for.

Here's the teaser for the film, which so far looks like an action reel and is lacking some post production, but still it gives you a taste of what the film will be about. I definitely think that Lundgren should be getting a bit more time from Hollywood, given a bigger budget and stories, I think he could be producing a lot better films.

The trailer for Icarus comes through QuietEarth. Have a look, bear in mind it's an early teaser, and then wonder if we don't give this guy enough credit.



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