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Mamá short film online

GuillermodelToro.jpgYou'll remember that just yesterday we were talking about Mamá, the new horror film that Guillero del Toro is going to be producing with the original Spanish creators.

Well the short was so promising that Universal have picked it up for a full remake, and the short is now available online to watch right here, and it's pretty good.

With a running time of just under two and a half minutes, you'd be excused for thinking that it might not give you enough of a story, but really everything is outlined in that time and we get some damn decent scares.

The plot from the previous story goes like this:

Mamá will follow two girls in a Gothic house who are trying to escape from a ghostly woman who appears to be their mother.

That's all we got from the story, and that's all we get from the film, so I wonder if we haven't got any more fleshed out yet because that's all there is to the story so far?

It does remind me a lot of Asian horror with the way the mother appears, but that's perfectly acceptable if it does the job, and it really does.

Barbara Muschietti and Andres Muschietti are behind the short and the film, and Andres will be directing with Barbara producing alongside del Toro, hopefully.

The short comes through HorrorMovies.ca.



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