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Mandrake the Magician gains cast

Mandrake.jpgWe've heard a good few rumours about the film adaptation of Mandrake the Magician, and indeed a casting announcement which we thought was the real deal with Jonathan Rhys Meyers being the one we thought would be slotted into the role of Mandrake.

Now though that doesn't seem to be happening as we find that Hayden Christensen is going to be taking the lead with Djimon Hounsou co-starring. What's more the previous director has changed too.

I wonder when this all passed me by, but before we heard that Previously we heardCriss Angel may Mandrake but his role was later relegated to something a little smaller while we heard that Jonathan Rhys Meyers was set to take the lead, a casting announcement I was rather excited about as he did look the part.

Back then Chuck Russell was assigned to direct the film, the man who directed Eraser, The Mask and The Scorpion King, but now this new casting announcement puts to bed all of that.

It seems that Mimi Leder is directing Mandrake, think Pay it Forward, Deep Impact, The Peacemaker, and Hayden Christensen is taking the lead of Mandrake with Djimon Hounsou also joining the cast. It seems to be all change.

Personally I think that the choice of Christensen over Meyers is a very poor one, no offence intended to Christensen, but his face just reminds me of an average confused person, whereas Meyers looks as though he's seeing something more than you would care too, and he has a very intriguing face, perfect for the character I would have thought.

With that exotic flavour gone I really feel that we're looking at something more akin to a straight magician.

The plot is also a little more fleshed out than last we heard, here's what ComingSoon have about the film:

"Jackson Mandrake lives life on the edge. Working as an underground magician and escapologist, his act has grown increasingly dangerous. Following a daring escape from an SUV that has been dropped out of an plane at the Burning Man Festival, he is coerced by the CIA into breaking a deep-cover agent named Xi Shing Lung out of a maximum security jail. Hypnosis, contortion, distraction and technical wizardry all come into play as Mandrake breaks the agent out from the inside within a 24-hour deadline.

But back on the outside, Mandrake learns that it was all a set-up. Xi is a CIA agent gone bad. He offers Mandrake the chance to join his crime ring. When Mandrake refuses, he's a marked man. He must escape his would-be-killers and also the real CIA who accuse him of being in league with Xi. His quest to clear his name leads him into all sorts of dangers, which he must overcome with daredevil escapes that require all his conjuring skills. And along the way, Mandrake is forced to confront his past and the girl he left behind..."

Sounds good, but I can't be sure about the casting choices. What do you think?



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