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McBride leading Hench

DannyMcBride.jpgDanny McBride is set to play the lead in an interesting take on the superhero genre in the film called Hench adapted from the graphic novel from Adam Beechen and Mario Bello.

The story tells of a an American Football player who receives an injury that ends his career. In need of a job he agrees to become the henchman to a very successful villain.

Danny McBride is not only set to play the lead role of the henchman, but he's also co-writing the script adapted from the graphic novel with Shawn Harwell.

The story comes from Variety shows us that it's great news for McBride, but is it great news for us and the graphic novel?

I've no idea if Hench (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is a comic comic (i.e. is the story a comedy) or if it's more a serious comic, whatever it is I suspect that this film will be going for the comedy approach, and that could be a shame.

I can't help but think a film that puts a person in a realistic situation of being a henchman might provide it's own level of dark humour and yet also work on a more serious level, bringing a unique take on the old genre. Of course superheroes aren't realistic, but you know what I mean!

Comedy will work though, but I just can't help thinking it's wasting a unique and fresh idea.



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