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McG on Terminator 5

McG.jpgNot long to go now until Terminator Salvation is finally released. And we can finally find out if McG has hit one out the park, or hit a foul ball. Not sure where the baseball analogies are coming from. I'm hoping for the first though.

He is obviously confident though, as he has been musing on where the next film might go.

A mere few weeks left until Terminator Salvation finally comes to a cinema near you. And since McG was originally announced as director, he has definitely won me round. I'm pretty much super excited about it. I'm revisiting Terminator 2 to refresh my memory this evening. With the fifth film in the series already announced, McG has been talking about where he thinks it might go.

I strongly suspect the next movie is going to take place in a [pre-Judgment Day] 2011. John Connor is going to travel back in time and he's going to have to galvanize the militaries of the world for an impending SkyNet invasion. They've figured out time travel to the degree where they can send more than one naked entity. So you're going to have hunter killers and transports and harvesters and everything arriving in our time and Connor fighting back with conventional military warfare, which I think is going to be (expletive removed) awesome. I also think he's going to meet a scientist that's going to look a lot like present-day Robert Patrick [who famously played the T-1000 in Terminator 2], talking about stem-cell research and how we can all live as idealized, younger versions of ourselves.

McG was talking to Film Journal, through First Showing.net. So after flying forward for Salvation, we may be heading back the way with number 5. It does link in to what McG was saying in March though, about wanting Robert Patrick for the next film. I suppose it all depends on the ending to Salvation, when it comes to where the next film could go. It does seem like a lot of jumping around the timeline though. I may have to refer to my handy diagram of the Terminator timeline I got the other day!

Do you like the idea of heading back to pre-Judgment day? Or should they keep moving forward?



i don't really like this idea, man. I'll tell you why.

Time travel hasn't really been well handled in the terminator universe. For instance, if you buy into the whole collapsing paradox theory, if skynet reverse engineered all of their technology from a crushed T-800 hand, how did the damn hand exist in the first place? As the orignal timeline progressed, the hand wouldn't exist yet. But if you buy into the "whatever happened happened" ( LOST ) theory, it starts to make sense, but only if the meddling in the past and interactions between what came back and what existed already were minute.

Terminator 3's story actually set my mind at ease about alot of this, since they stated that Judgement day is inevitable. It meant that eventally, all this would have happened anyway, and that crushed hand merely sped it along. The destructiion of skynet's databases in T2 would have slowed things again IE: returned it to normal?

Hey. McG has my trust. Whatever he wants to do, he should do it. But i'd be apprehensive about it. And i do not think i'd have as much urge to see it as i do this one.

this time travel rant ( incoherent rambling ) brought to you by someone who has never time traveled. I really don't know what the #$# i'm talking about. :)

Double posting all fixed. I'll let Richard know it played up. Sorry about that.

My head is beginning to spin, the more I think about the Terminator timeline. It definitely takes a bit of the Lost theory to get your head round it!

And while not being a huge fan of T3, one of the things I liked about it, was that Judgment Day was inevitable as you say. No Hollywood endings in sight.

One thing that would bug me about going back the way, s that all three films have in a way progressed forward. John Connor wasn't born, John Connor was a teenager, John Connor was an adult and now John Connor is a mean faced soldier. They might end up tinkering with the ever confusing timeline just a bit too much.

Okay, there's something else I have to chip in about, the same Hollywood formula, one film works then let's just add the ingredients "bigger" and "more" and we'll get "more" back.

So SkyNet are going to figure out how to send more than one thing back through time and they're going to send back all the gear that they have now, everything we're seeing in this new film, back to the present day?

That's Terminator with "more" and "bigger" applied. We're just going to end up with a huge war of robots versus humans. Terminator 3 times a thousand.

Why would they need harvesters back then? Why would they need to send the armies back to our present day? Why not send the armies to way back in the past in the early lineage of John Connor and wipe him out when there are no weapons to protect them? Why wouldn't they just send back such a huge army that there was no possible way for anyone to defeat them?

There are so many questions and holes arising that you wonder if he's just toying with ideas and speaking them out loud before he's thought them through, I hope he is anyway.

Does anyone even know what happens when there is no humans left and the machines are just running the planet? I want to know what are the purposes of the Terminators and who or what is controlling them? Because after all, surely someone or something has to be.

I don't like McG's idea for T5.

wait wait! ok i got it!!!

Skynet sends a single giant robot back to the time when humans were working with tools made of bone and zaps them all dead with a big laser.

humans never existed.
humans never created skynet.

the giant robot spends all of eternity and terminator 5,6,7 and 8 single handedly building the robots that humans never invented to create skynet, all for the purpose of sending his very self back in time to kill the ape men in the first place and avoid a time paraox.

we better pray time travel is never invented or this will be the future for us all.

Hi all! Well: all of my friends and a lot of fans are don't like this idea of t5 plan and as we see nobody will!!! ).... :( time travell, with a lot of machines...and John Connor...) oh my :(... Give me a break... The T-1000 was a perfect idea for the film i think. And they should show us more about the infiltrators, and t-800 endos...plasma guns...and another researches.... And i agrre with a lot of fans: that John Connor must stay alive until he send Kyle Reese back throught time and maybe the T-800 too... If i were McG than maybe i would put special Hk-Submarines and Big Robot Ships in the film or for example an other idea: as in the game: terminator skynet: another nucklear rocket that the resistance has to stop and that rocket contains a virus what can kill anybody ... ANyway...there are a lot of normal idea for the terminator film... but not this one what McG wrote down in his plan... :( It would be very very very sad if this will happened :(

NO!! I wish somebody powerful would just ask me please "what can we do to (if we want to make another Terminator Movie) what can I as a director do? How will my story be? Listen. Enough!! We don't need anymore surprises, because T3 already surprised us enough!! WE THE FANS KNOW WHAT THE STORY IS!! WE JUST NEED TO SEE IT VISUALLY!! To be honest I already have a plan I can make my own script, and still follow the story! What I would do is this!! (LOL my idea for the T5) The year is 2026. Skynet is developing new and special ways to destroy us. John Conner blew up the computer factory in San Fransisco after encountering the t-800 prototype. Which wasn't at all very important considering the fact that the prototype failed. Kyle Reese has grown up, John Conner's children had grown up. To develop into the most advance tech com unit! Now since we rushed to see the t-600's and the unstoppable t-800, we cannot really show too much of the t-400s. But since t-800 was the prototype, SkyNet has to learn from its mistakes right? So we have learned that Marcus Wright has defeated the t-800. SkyNet needs something of more a human R&D project and to actually gives these cyborgs like a more serious control over them. Kinda like "The Terminator: Dawn of Fate game." Now 2027 hits, we can actually see the more serious development the T-800 (we see how the skynet software for the T-800 was actually intended to travel back in time in T1. example the search and destroy tracker system when in T1 after the club shooting scene, when the Terminator was chasing Kylie and Sarah) That part I got ahead, but humans will be turned into a cyborg type thingy, and they will be simulated on the field by skynet. that when hit or killed they will just turn into liquid. (the future development of the T-1000 and TX) Lol see!! After this is all said and done, we will forget seeing T3 and just continue after T2. (because we were actually forced to continue with more Terminator Movies after the chip and the arm, and Cyberdyne and Dyson were all destoryed, but somehow things would eventually be surfaced and we will see that it relates to the first two films of the Terminator. I would def. at the end have skynet perfect cold fusion in order to have a successful time travel!! I would put Arnold in there as the finalized T-800 prototype (the same as the first Terminator in T1, actually the exact). Robert Patrick as the revived liquid simulated solders (200 cybernetic liquid simulated solders, not exactly terminators) Christian Bale as John Conner the leader of the resistance, Tech-Com, not as a solder though. Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese, being more protected so John Conner can save him to go back to 1984. (sort of like a secret weapon) I want everything to be as though as it was in the first terminator movie. Plus with Reese, in Salvation he was the prime target, so it will fall right into place, we will not alter no future!! I'am not a University of Pittsburgh student with a major in the sciences for nothing!!!


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